Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Biyu Shen and Deng Wang.

It's painfully obvious that EAxis does not know what asian people look like. Never
mind the fact that they may or may not have some asians working for them. So I took Xylia to China
today (more on that later) and we met these two...erm, odd looking Chinese residents as we were 
getting ready to purchase our Lara Croft kit.

Biyu here doesn't look too horrid, but...apparently Asians have snouts
instead of noses according to Maxis.

Also, flat faces with noses that look like they should
be suffering from all kinds of respiratory issues.

I figured it'd be a waste to document the entire
makeover. This isn't the Princess Diaries, after all. But doesn't she look a lot better?

Deng Wang (whose name had me giggling) wasn't too bad, either - until
I started on his whale of a shnoz.

Seriously. Beaky, flat noses do not a realistic, happy Sim make. His chin was also too
flabby and rounded as if he'd tried out for a fat Sim role and didn't make it.

Lovely, darling, just lovely.

Voila! Better looking Chinese sims. 

Now! I've uploaded the two of them, so it's up to you all whether you want to download them or not,
but I hope you do because they're pretty now. The only CC you need to make this all work well is 
Ladyfrontbum's Asian Skins. Everything else is complete frivolity. I didn't even touch their
clothes, and I can't remember where I got Biyu's hair and eyeshadow though. I think it was Aikea...
but I'll check on that. I used Maxis hair for Deng *snerk* but if you want it to look softer, get
Aikea-Guinea's hair defaults off Club Crimsyn. 

Enjoy. ^^

Xylia's New House - Picspam.

Didn't I say Xylia was my favorite? I tend to spoil her, so today I made her a new house.
Somehow the picture with the exterior got lost somewhere, but oh well. Here are some prettyful indoor shots of her little house.

Living room.

Kitchen area. There's a dining table, I promise. See the little chair down there?

The loo, of course. Nothing too fancy except that it's a little too big.

First part of her bedroom. Yes, she has a fire pole to get up there. 
I thought it would be a cute touch.

Clutter pile.
Why is there a skull there? I dunno.
It looked kinda cool.

The bed/computer/guitar/desk area, my first time experimenting with
the 'backwards bed' design. At first I thought it looked awkward, but when
you put the desk there, it's a lot better looking. Also, no idea where the bottle
lamp came from, but it looks badass.

And finally, the art corner. 
Jealous? I know. I want to live in my game now.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Xylia Laedirial.

Xylia happens to be my very favorite Sim.
She's gone through several different changes since I got the game,
but this is the change I'm most happy with.

I should've taken a pic of her amazing room. She lives in one of Ritsukacom's
lots - I can't remember which one at the moment, but it's the cute one with
the Chinese room and the clothesline on the balcony. I added some embellishments.

And no, Xylia can't fish worth crap, but it's so cute when she makes
that little pout of hers. I couldn't screen shot it, but she makes
it frequently at least for me.

She is a bookworm, clumsy, computer whiz, eccentric, and...artistic, I think.
Which means she's basically a nerd. Who can't stay off of her drafting
table for anything in the world. Or her computer.


(Anatomical and all of the faces)
(first boots on the top right)

Marin Lee.

Long story short, I was bored and started working on Sims again, since I have so few male sims that I've actually made myself. Hence, I bring you our dramatic little elf boy, Marin Lee. Also, he is my first Sims 3 upload.

He is attracted to those of the male persuasion, and is a teen. His brother, not totally
pictured here, is LemonLeaf's Christian, so if you want him you'll have to go get him from there.

One thing you must know about Marin is that he is evil. Evil as in, he will attempt to scare
you and anyone else as much as humanly possible. Don't blame him. It's in his genes.
If you've pissed him off, check your room very carefully before you go to bed.

He's also kind of a whiny little bitch when he wants to be. I dunno. He doesn't like
it when I make him do his homework. Maybe it'll be different for you.

He's mostly a sweetheart, though. Him and his brother Lea(Leamon Leaf Sims) get along perfectly.


(I use Anatomical and all of the faces.)

Everything else is me fooling around with EAxis clothes and the pattern tools.
Also, I know the pictures are small. I think I resized them to fit the blog too much.
Bear with me, I haven't used Blogger in over three years...

Amazing, GOS. Amazing.

I simply don't understand it.

I've seen several forums, not all of them RPG-based, that are very active, have a strong member base, have mostly friendly, cool people - but the administration seems to be taking advice from North Korea when it comes to keeping order. GOS has no qualms against putting members down for breaking the rules (even though it was mostly one or two mods who did this frequently) such as calling them stupid and lazy and not bothering to explain which rule they broke, just linking them to the rule post after a sentence of put downs. There's also a three-strike policy on this site, but it's incredibly easy to get three warnings. They're not temporary warnings either - one you have three, that's it. You're permabanned. And there's nothing you can do about it. I was banned because I broke three rules unintentionally.

There's a forum where you can post a topic up asking where you can download something, and you put up a picture of what you want. Thing is, you have to have searched far and wide for the thing before posting. If what you're looking for is too easily found, you get a warning and called lazy and dumb. This is how I got my warnings and then my ban. Then I got even more flak for it because my charges were increased to 'harassing staff' when I kept coming back to ask why the hell I was banned.

And yet, this site is still so HAPPY. It's like the people who haven't been banned are brainwashed. People post love for this site all the time, and there's only a select few who actually see what I see. They always get shot down by the entire community, of course. As for the mod who likes putting down people, we're supposed to get used to her because it's how she always is, and we're supposed to laugh about it. Chatspeak is outlawed as well; you can so much as just post a 'u' instead of 'you' and you'll get yelled at about literacy and typing ability and given a warning.

But no matter what, there's always the majority. And the majority will hack your Facebook if you speak out against them. Or they'll just hand you a reputation as a whiner, even though you're obviously trying to do SOME good. But no one wants to have a friendly site. Everyone seems to prefer meanness, fighting, and constant PMS from both genders. It doesn't make sense. No, I'm not trying to be a 'special snowflake'. No, I am not saying you have to turn your site into a blinkie-filled, Twilight loving pansyfest. It's not that fucking hard to treat your members like people and not the scourge of the earth.

I just don't understand, makes me depressed. How is this site still active with the meanness it channels? Honest to God, if I met these people in real life, I'd slap them so hard they'll have to rename the Big Bang to the Medium Bang. They know they're hurting people and all they can say is 'deal with it'. You could report them, but who could you report them to that would actually do something about it?

I'm sure there's other sites out there like this...I just don't understand how people could still shower it with praise and love while they're being treated like crap on the site itself.