Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Xylia's New House - Picspam.

Didn't I say Xylia was my favorite? I tend to spoil her, so today I made her a new house.
Somehow the picture with the exterior got lost somewhere, but oh well. Here are some prettyful indoor shots of her little house.

Living room.

Kitchen area. There's a dining table, I promise. See the little chair down there?

The loo, of course. Nothing too fancy except that it's a little too big.

First part of her bedroom. Yes, she has a fire pole to get up there. 
I thought it would be a cute touch.

Clutter pile.
Why is there a skull there? I dunno.
It looked kinda cool.

The bed/computer/guitar/desk area, my first time experimenting with
the 'backwards bed' design. At first I thought it looked awkward, but when
you put the desk there, it's a lot better looking. Also, no idea where the bottle
lamp came from, but it looks badass.

And finally, the art corner. 
Jealous? I know. I want to live in my game now.


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