Sunday, August 15, 2010

Marin Lee.

Long story short, I was bored and started working on Sims again, since I have so few male sims that I've actually made myself. Hence, I bring you our dramatic little elf boy, Marin Lee. Also, he is my first Sims 3 upload.

He is attracted to those of the male persuasion, and is a teen. His brother, not totally
pictured here, is LemonLeaf's Christian, so if you want him you'll have to go get him from there.

One thing you must know about Marin is that he is evil. Evil as in, he will attempt to scare
you and anyone else as much as humanly possible. Don't blame him. It's in his genes.
If you've pissed him off, check your room very carefully before you go to bed.

He's also kind of a whiny little bitch when he wants to be. I dunno. He doesn't like
it when I make him do his homework. Maybe it'll be different for you.

He's mostly a sweetheart, though. Him and his brother Lea(Leamon Leaf Sims) get along perfectly.


(I use Anatomical and all of the faces.)

Everything else is me fooling around with EAxis clothes and the pattern tools.
Also, I know the pictures are small. I think I resized them to fit the blog too much.
Bear with me, I haven't used Blogger in over three years...


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