Sunday, August 15, 2010

Xylia Laedirial.

Xylia happens to be my very favorite Sim.
She's gone through several different changes since I got the game,
but this is the change I'm most happy with.

I should've taken a pic of her amazing room. She lives in one of Ritsukacom's
lots - I can't remember which one at the moment, but it's the cute one with
the Chinese room and the clothesline on the balcony. I added some embellishments.

And no, Xylia can't fish worth crap, but it's so cute when she makes
that little pout of hers. I couldn't screen shot it, but she makes
it frequently at least for me.

She is a bookworm, clumsy, computer whiz, eccentric, and...artistic, I think.
Which means she's basically a nerd. Who can't stay off of her drafting
table for anything in the world. Or her computer.


(Anatomical and all of the faces)
(first boots on the top right)


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