Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Biyu Shen and Deng Wang.

It's painfully obvious that EAxis does not know what asian people look like. Never
mind the fact that they may or may not have some asians working for them. So I took Xylia to China
today (more on that later) and we met these two...erm, odd looking Chinese residents as we were 
getting ready to purchase our Lara Croft kit.

Biyu here doesn't look too horrid, but...apparently Asians have snouts
instead of noses according to Maxis.

Also, flat faces with noses that look like they should
be suffering from all kinds of respiratory issues.

I figured it'd be a waste to document the entire
makeover. This isn't the Princess Diaries, after all. But doesn't she look a lot better?

Deng Wang (whose name had me giggling) wasn't too bad, either - until
I started on his whale of a shnoz.

Seriously. Beaky, flat noses do not a realistic, happy Sim make. His chin was also too
flabby and rounded as if he'd tried out for a fat Sim role and didn't make it.

Lovely, darling, just lovely.

Voila! Better looking Chinese sims. 

Now! I've uploaded the two of them, so it's up to you all whether you want to download them or not,
but I hope you do because they're pretty now. The only CC you need to make this all work well is 
Ladyfrontbum's Asian Skins. Everything else is complete frivolity. I didn't even touch their
clothes, and I can't remember where I got Biyu's hair and eyeshadow though. I think it was Aikea...
but I'll check on that. I used Maxis hair for Deng *snerk* but if you want it to look softer, get
Aikea-Guinea's hair defaults off Club Crimsyn. 

Enjoy. ^^


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